One Hundred Weak or Fabricated Traditions (attributed to the Prophet) famous among Khatibs and Speakers


Compiled by Shaykh Ihsan Al-‘Utaibi (May Allah preserve him)

1 – ((Whosoever Worship/Prayer does not prohibit him from the excessive and the

disapproved, has no increase from Allah except of distance.)) and in another

narration: ((then he has not Worshiped/Prayed)). Al-Dhahabi said: Ibn Al-Junaid

said: a lie and falsehood. And Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi said: its chain is loose/soft (Layin),

and Al-Albani said: void and false (Baatil) from both its chain (Sanad) and its text

(Matn). “Meezaan Al-I’tidaal” (3/293), “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (1/143), “Al-Silsilah

Al-Da’eefa” (2/985)

2 – ((Talking in the mosque devours good works as cattle devour grass)), and in

another narration: ((Talking in the mosque devours good works as fire devour

wood)). Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi said: I found no base for it. Abdulwahab ibn Taqi Al-din

Al-Subki said: I found no chain for it, and…

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“…the slave (of Allah) should pity himself and swallow his pride.”

Adorn yourself with personal etiquette such as abstinence, forbearance, patience, humbleness to the truth, and tranquility (by displaying awe, self possession, lowering one’s wing), bearing the humility of learning for the glory of knowledge, and showing humility in the face of the truth.

Concerning the Woman Working when She Is Married

The Permanent Committee of Scholars in Saudi Arabia was asked: What is the ruling concerning the woman working when she is married? Answer: It is not permissible for the woman to work in a situation in which there is mixing with the men, and this is regardless of whether she is married or unmarried. This […]